Sunday, 31 December 2006

Political Parasites

So Tony Blair is spending the New Year in Bee Gees star Robin Gibb’s Florida mansion. He spends his summer holidays in Cliff Richard’s Barbados mansion. You must question his actions. But at the same time be sorry for him. He must have a perverted taste in music.

Does Blair have any sense of probity? He cadges holidays from has-been pop stars, and sells peerages to get money for the Labour party.

They “the Establishment” says the poor political parties have been forced to “bend” the law to get finances - it would be better if tax payers funded the parties. Let’s just think about this. The political parties, who do not care a toss about public opinion, now want us to finance them to ignore us. The measure of popularity of a party should be measured not only by the votes it gets at elections, but also by the number of people it attracts to become members. If a political party cannot gain sufficient support to finance its activities it doesn’t deserve to survive. And where does most of the money get spent? On advertising at General Elections. Cut out all the name calling at election time and save money.

Though if a law is past to finance political parties, it would be tempting to start the Grumpy and Farting Party (the GFP).

But who would want to become a member of a political party? Especially a party which has Hazel Blear as its Chairman ( I mean New Labour, not the Grumpy & Farting Party). Last week she was leading a protest at the planned closure of a hospital in her Salford constituency. What’s wrong with that you might ask? Surely it’s the duty of every MP to fight for the services provided in their constituency? Yes, but. Hazel Blear is a member of the Cabinet which took the decision to rationalize the National Health Service, which resulted in the planned closure. If Blear is opposed to the cuts, then she should on principle resign from the Government. But no, she will not do that, because she craves power. So why did she attend the protest and risk the wroth of Tony Blair? Simply, currently there are three Parliamentary constituencies in the Salford area. Under the reorganization of boundaries these will be reduced to two. So, poor Hazel is at risk of loosing here job. (Gloat, snigger). But Hazel is determined it will be one of the other two MPs who will be ousted.

Hazel ##### Blear, I can’t stand that woman. When she is interviewed she never answers any questions. During one programme she was determined the only message she wanted to get across was: to rubbish David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party.

Q: “Did the Prime Minister in his speech finally endorse Gordon Brown?
HB: “Cameron is weak and never taken decisions

Q: “Do you support Gordon Brown to be the next Leader?
HB: “Cameron is weak and never taken decisions”

Q: “Are you going to stand for the post of Deputy Leader?
HB: “Cameron is weak and never taken decisions”

Q: “ . . . . . . ?”
HB, “Cameron is weak, and never taken decisions

And on and on.

Lets face it most people consider all politicians are a waste of space. Unless you are Cliff Richard or Robin Gibb, who are pleased to find space for their number one fan and his family.

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