Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Prime Minister's Question Time

Wednesday morning and I feel a grump coming on.

People get Monday morning feeling, I get Wednesday lunchtime feeling.

I must have a strong stomach, because I can eat my lunch and watch Prime Minister’s Question Time at the same time.

Do you watch Prime Minister’s Question time?

I do not know which is worse, Tony Blair or the toadies who sit behind him. Have you heard the questions they ask? “Would the Prime Minister agree that he is a wonderful inspirational leader, that New Labour is the best thing since sliced bread that the government is the best government ever, while those members opposite (scoff) are devoid of any ideas?” And the answer, “(stand gloat, yes I am wonderful), I agree with everything my Friend has said, since 1997 we have ….,….,……, and yes the party opposite is a shower”. Cheers, howls.

Blair never answers opposition questions. Irrespective of the question, his answer is too real out a list of all New Labour’s “achievements”, then to ask a question of the Opposition Leader. Why doesn’t the Speaker pull him up and tell him its PM Question time, not Opposition Leader Question time.

Then there’s the front row, with the exception of Gordon Brown (who looks as if he is pressing his buttocks together to suppress a fart), they are all nodding in unison like dogs on the back shelf of an old Morris Minor car. Perhaps you notice John Reid because of his nodding bald head. Without implying anything untoward, but would you buy a second hand car from this man? And the previous Home Secretaries, from what I have heard of his tapes, David Blunkett was and still is emotionally damaged.

Enough, enough!!!

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