Saturday, 9 December 2006

Supermarket shopping and Young People’s Annoying Behaviour

Just come back from shopping at the local supermarket.

While there I overheard a young woman complain about Old Age Pensioners doing their shopping on Saturdays. They should only shop midweek allowing young people to do their shopping on Saturday, without the annoyance of old people’s trolleys blocking the aisles.

Yes, pensioners should stop shopping in supermarkets on Saturday.

OK. Quid pro quo, in return young-ones :

Give up there seat on the bus to old people (though I guess the woman who was complaining only travels by 4x4)

Stop blocking pavements with their super-sized prams (though I guess the woman has a nanny)

Stop speaking at the top of their voices on their mobile phones on trains.

Stop using their i-pods on trains and buses (bum, bum, bum, bum, bum)

Pay cash at super-market check-outs, rather than hold up the queue, while they phone up their partner to reminder them of there PIN number.

Stop referring to their wives and husbands as “their partner”.

Start controlling their unruly children - including stopping them taking and eating sweats from super-market shelves.

I don’t know why the young-ones are so intolerant!! If they are like this now, boy oh boy, are they going to be grumpy old farts. I see this blog stretching on forever. Good on you. Grump now grump often.

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