Sunday, 3 December 2006

Call Centres

Calmed down a bit. Where was I? Yes, using farting as a relief mechanishom for frustration. Unfortunately this only works when you are face to face with the person(s) causing the frustration.

I still haven’t found any relief for the most *##*$## frustrating of activities - calling call centres!!!!

In May I switched my telephone provider from NTL to BT. I’m now trying to set up internet connection, however when I type in my telephone number to providers web sites, I’m informed I have a cable line, so they cannot provide a connection.

I was informed; if I contacted BT they would change the “Tag” on the computer, to show it is a BT line.

Friday phoned up BT Customer Services (now that’s a misnomer if ever there was one!!). I should have known I was in for a rough time when the recorded message said all their operators were busy, and suggesting I should try again on Sunday!!!! Well being in a grumpy belligerent mood I thought I would persist. Went through the usual routine of selecting one menu number after another until I finally got to a ring tone (an achievement in itself).

Hang-on listening to the ring tone. Gave the phone to my wife for a while: went to the toilet, and took the dog for a walk. Watched Neighbours, read a book. The ring tone went on and on, except for the odd message that I really should give up and try again on Sunday. Finally got through to the call centre in India, no wonder it took so long, it’s a long way for the pigeon to fly. Spoke to a very nice man, most helpful, he admitted right away that he didn‘t have a clue how to solve the problem. Now at this stage they normally cut you off, but not he, he said he would ask for advice. Back he came in less than a minute, most apologetic said he could not transfer the call but he gave me a BT number to call.

Called the BT number. Got through to some woman wanting to sign me up to BT Broadband. 888###$$#*

Started again, phoned BT “Custard” Service, spent another hour listening to the ring tone. This time got through to a UK call centre. Now I don’t want to sound racist, but why do you get more sense of confidence when you get through to a UK call centre. The Lady again was most charming, didn’t know the answer but knew a man who did.

Phoned the second BT number. Spoke to Ken. Seemed to know what he was doing. Checked his computer, “can’t understand this, there’s no Tag, you shouldn’t have a problem“. Asked him to type my telephone number into an internet provider web page. Silence. “Hum yes, it appears to say you have a cable service”. More silence, interrupted by the sound of scratching of heads.

So that is how I spent Friday afternoon and most of the evening.

The result, I still can’t register for a broadband provider, and I’m **##$$*** well more grumpy. Spent the rest of the evening farting. Result wife and dog have left me.

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