Saturday, 23 December 2006

Cross-generation Dress Code

Nice crisp fresh morning.

Just been out for a walk - glad I’m still capable of walking - Horny Goat Weed - thought I’d acquired a built-in walking stick!

Saw a family going for a walk: husband, wife and four children - oldest about 15, youngest in a pram.

What struck me was the father. Haircut looked like a hairy piece of carpet balanced on a shaved head. Rings in eyebrow, nose and ear. Cloths undistinguishable from those of his sons.

How things have changed in the last 50 ~ 60 years. Back then each generation had its own dress code.

I never knew my Grandmothers, but I was close to my friend’s Gran. For the twenty years I knew her, she always looked old. Dressed in black, with a hat perched on her head.

Its only natural for adults to look old to children, but even now looking at old photographs, to me the people back then still look old.

How things have changed. “In the good Old Days” Doctors looked like Doctors, today they look like Outward Bound Canoe Instructors with open necked checked shirts.

Told you about the wife going for a Flu jab.

The Nurse came out of her room, called out a name. No movement. Called out the name again, slight stirring. She turned to a woman, “Are you *** *****”,
“Yes, but I’m waiting to see the nurse”,
“I am the Nurse”

“You are the NURSE?”
The woman looked at her friend and silently mouth questioningly, she’s the nurse?

I wasn’t surprised by the woman’s reaction

The nurse had on trainers with tight hipsters finishing half way down her calf, revealing red and black hooped socks. Skimp top, revealing a broad band of midriff with ring in naval. No bra. Short cropped hair with one eye and one nose ring. The patients weren’t expecting her to wear a uniform, but this??

What would my friend’s Grandmother think about the way some middle-aged women dress now?

What the hell, some +50year old women get egg implants, so they can have kids. Come on act your age!!!

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