Monday, 18 December 2006

Is blogging just a big waste of time?

Spent yesterday afternoon trying to attach a counter to my Web site. Puzzled why it needs to have so many noughts as hardly anybody visit’s the site.

By now, World wide there must be at least one hundred people producing blogs. I guess all the blogs are recorded somewhere on papyrus or vellum. But what will happen when more people start producing their own blogs? The only solution will be to store them on a Sinclair ZX 81 computer. But the day will come when another ZX81 will be required. Until one day there will be a room full of them just dedicated to storing blogs?

But what will happen when the room is full? The choice will be either to delete all the blogs and start again, or buy a bigger computer. Before that day comes, action should be taken to save all blogs. We should have a Save the Blog Day. When people will pay to wear red noses, and the money collected can be used to purchase floppy discs to store the blogs on.

I see the day, when there will be so many floppy discs the parts of Wales not flooded to provide water for England, will be used to store all the floppy discs.

Some lucky person will be able to say, my blog discs are stored in Llanfairpwllgwyn-gyllgogerychwyrn-drobwllllantysilio-gogogoch.

Blogging is the modern day equivalent of sacrificial fires. As in days of old, worshippers felt good lighting their fires, but only achieved in contribute to global warming. So too bloggers feel good producing all their unread blogs, while hastening global warming.

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