Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Yobs and Teenagers

Don’t start me off on teenagers.
Recently I visited the West Country (of England). Walking behind a boy and girl (aged about 18). I couldn’t tell the boys age because he was wearing a hood. The way he was walking, rolling his shoulders, the way he was holding his hand, and from snatches of conversation heard, I deduced he was of Afro-Caribbean extraction. Typical of young men walking around South London. But when I walked past him, I recognised him to be a local West-country boy. Why do youths rush to adopt alien culture?

Another thing about youths, they chew chewing gum. No problem with that, but why can’t they dispose of the gum correctly, not throw it on the pavement (sidewalk)? Not only chewing gum, finish a can drink, throw the can on the floor, finish bottled water, throw it on the floor.

What are buses for? Spray graffiti, scratch the windows, rip seats, etc. etc.
And on a crowded bus, do youths give up their seats for an old person? No way.

And they have the impertinence to be grumpy. How dare they, who do they think they are?

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