Monday, 11 December 2006

BBC’s Shameful Behaviour

This is a sad week. The BBC is closing a number of their Message Boards.

This is a blatant act of vandalism.

The BBC has failed to recognise, or has chosen to ignore, that communities have formed around these message boards.

Posters comprise of:
* mothers with young children
* housebound old people
* people housebound due to ill health
* people at work, taking a break to pay a quick visit to the board
* unemployed people
* and many others.

The great thing about the internet is everybody is equal. Everybody can contribute, they are judged: not on age, gender or race but on what they write.

The BBC boards are used to exchange information, to amuse, to provide support and comfort.

But in one fell swipe all that is to be thrown unceremoniously into the bin.

Why? The BBC says they have to use their limited resources appropriately. I can not argue against that. I buy my TV licence which funds the BBC, and I don’t want them to waste my money. But is the BBC using their funds appropriately?

Visit the BBC Points of View, Television board

Read the thread devoted to the BBC1 TV programme “Jam And Jerusalem”. To date over 370 messages have been posted. Over 95% of the messages, not so much criticise the programmes, rather tear it to shreds.

At first sight it would appear incongruous that a comedy programme has accumulated such a sustained avalanche of criticism. It has a good cast, and you can see that they are having great fun filming the show. And that, together with a crap script, is the reason for the failure. The cast members are so busy having a good time, that they have forgotten the objective is to entertain the audience.

If “Jam & Jerusalem” had not been made, the BBC would have saved enough money to finance the message boards for over a year.

Shame on you BBC. Like the cast of “Jam & Jerusalem”, the BBC have forgotten it’s audience.

I hope the posters can come together on other Web Sites, to re-establish their internet community.

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