Friday, 29 December 2006

Conspiracy Theories

David Icke is just one of many, making a good living in the Conspiracy Industry.

Politicians build their careers on conspiracy. George Bush and Tony Blair declare they are the true protectors of Western Civilisation. Claiming to be the only ones we can trust to protect us from the massing menacing Islamic hordes, (so they claim).

Blair & Bush cannot do it by themselves; they are assisted by the “Gentlemen” of the Press. Newspapers need stories. And no story sells more newspapers than a good conspiracy (well with the exception of those about sex and or Princess Diana).

Of course THE all time story had the combination of:
Conspiracy, sex and Princess Diana.

But conspiracies have to be worked at, nurtured. The fires have to be periodically stoked, with a splash of kerosene thrown on. This is the daily drip, drip:

Islamic women hiding behind their burkas (shock horror).

Islamic youths visiting Pakistan (the clouds of war are gathering).

Tanks sent to guard Heathrow.

News the Country is on Orange alert.

Police to receive training to deal with dirty bombs.

Thirty or is it three hundred known terrorist plots under investigation by the Security Services. (They probably read this blog - Hi Guys & Girls Happy New Year)

We as a Nation must unite and protect our citizens”. More laws, more restrictions, more surveillance (install more CCTV cameras at each street corner and under all beds, (seen it in the Movies, spies always hide under a bed)). ID cards, biometric passports. What’s the next step? Well it’s obvious. Why have old fashion cards and passports, why not implant a micro chip in each persons forearm. Not only can it be used to identify the individual, but in conjunction with satellite navigation it could be used to keep a record of everyone’s movements. Think of the advantages of that to solving crimes. “If you haven’t got anything to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about”. Who could object? Only those liberal lefties.

But this is nothing new. Conspiracy thrives on fear, which is sustained by ignorance and exploitation of the unknown. Now what else relies on fear and the unknown? Religion. “Out there are evil forces, worship Me and I’ll protect you”. “Don’t worry about death, worship Me and you’ll have eternal life”. Religions have always built conspiracy myths to entice people to become followers. Today’s “enemies” were also yesterday’s enemies. In the eleventh century Europe was marshalled and organized to fight in a total of seven Crusades against the Muslim hordes.

David Icke isn’t stupid he combines politics and religion in his conspiracy theories. No wonder he sells so many books.

I think with a little bit of effort I could start my own conspiracy theories devised while under the influence of Tesco’s Rich Chocolate Fudge Yule Log - dam, the wife eat the last piece yesterday. Must be my Karma, or is it a conspiracy?

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Lord Ciaran D'arcy said...

Only David Icke can save the world.

Happy New Year, lets eat plenty of fruit in 2007.

Lord Ciaran D'arcy