Sunday, 25 March 2007

They are at it again!

The press and ITV News are at it again. This is the headline of today’s News of the World.

So Friday night Prince Harry was in Boujis nightclub with Natalie Pinkham (who ever she might be).

Early Saturday morning he left via the backdoor only to be confronted by a pack of paparazzi. Harry lost his temper, so what, big deal. Now if one of them had stuck his camera in my face, I would have shoved his telephoto lens where the sun doesn’t shine.

In a few months time Harry will be deployed with his regiment to Iraq. This week we saw the news conference given by the United Nations Secretary General being disrupted by a mortar bomb. There is no safe place to hide in Iraq. Harry could be coming home in a flag draped coffin. He doesn’t have to go - as third inline to the Throne he could have been given a safe desk job in Whitehall. But he demanded to go with his men.

In tonight’s ITV News, after reporting the nightclub incident, the question was posed “Is he fit to lead a troop of soldiers in Iraq?” Now at this point I must refrain from writing what I would like to write and apply some self-control - but take it for granted expletives have been deleted. ITV News you pompous farting dollop of dung, get off your high pseudo moral high horse, and cut the boy some space.

Is ITV fit to provide a news service to the Nation? YesBut who can blame me for being grumpy and farting.


Anonymous said...

I really like the content of this blog but I feel I must, if I may, give some constructive criticism. I almost navigated away immediately upon arrival, for the layout and design of this page is horrific. It hurts my eyes! And it certainly doesn't match the quality of the writing. Consider a redecoration?

(Perhaps: Get rid of the "Gadget" on the left, which appears to permanently 404. The image below it which doesn't seem to have any purpose. The huge text, the caps, the mispelling of "fingers" in your 'Message for Visitors', the dire colour scheme...)

Yes But said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.

Fingers - Fingures well I did say I was dyslexic!!

As you can see I’ve done some housekeeping, what do you think?