Monday, 12 March 2007

I get my dessert.

I am totally opposed to bribary, I consider it unethical. It must be opposed at all costs. But it must be recognise people have their price.

Meadow is one of the founder members of Exiles Exiles message board

Meadow was delighted when she entered exilesexiles in Google to see reference to YesBut’s blog Grumpy & Farting, which mentioned Meadow and Exiles Exiles.

I’m pleased Meadow was delighted. In fact Meadow is so delighted she is prepared to give me ice cream if I mention her again in this blog. Well OK I’ve been bought for the promise of an ice cream; but according to my count Meadow has been mentioned six times, so I reckon that’s worth more than a measly ‘99’. Now shall I ask for a Fresh Fruit Strawberry Sundae with whipped cream or . . .?


Anonymous said...

Watch it, Yesbut


Anonymous said...

Hey Yesbut,now that you've turned down my offer of chelsea buns (boo,hiss), checkout the recipe section and cast your vote. I'm sure something there will take your fancy.

Smiley, smiley, grin grin.