Saturday, 3 March 2007

Roger, Roger (?)

Two nights ago in dream I clearly saw the face of someone who was a manager in the company I worked for twenty years ago. I never worked with him, he was in another department, and I cannot think of any reason for him appearing in my dream. His name was Roger - - - (?). Now that’s the problem, while I clearly see his face and am confident his first name was Roger, for the life of me I cannot remember his surname. For the last two days I’ve been trying to think of the name, annoyingly it’s a blank. It’s the same when watching TV you recognise an actor, but just can’t remember the programme you saw him / her in.

Guess that’s a sign of old age. The price you pay for being a Grumpy Old Fart! For two days I’ve been trying to trick my brain to dig deep into its memory bank and disclose the answer. Having imaginary conversations “Roger - - - (?) told me, have you seen Roger - - - (?), “ all in vain. I guess sometime in the past I must have emptied my brain’s recycle bin.

Just had a bright idea. I could try one of those photo sharing web sites, there might be a photo of Roger on there. No Roger didn’t have a beard.

In the world of Google, there is no such thing as the unknown. Surely if I enter “Roger + Name of the Company we worked for” out would pop the answer. Lets try.

Well do you know that Kenny Rogers sang “You gotta know when to hold ’em know when to fold ‘em . . .”. Isn’t that interesting? No I never worked with Kenny Rogers.

I have a feeling he had a Scottish name. Back to Google.

Do you know the most common Scottish surname is Smith and the 100th most popular Hay. Bad news Roger’s surname isn’t in the top 100. I suppose I could ask Jeeves. First I better test how bright Jeeves is before asking him.

Asked Jeeves if he knew about this blog, Would you believe it he didn’t. Asked him if he knew me “YesBut” and got the reply “Yes But Is It Good For The Jews? Now that was very relevant - I don’t think. If Jeeves hasn’t heard of YesBut there’s no chance of knowing Roger‘s surname.

I think there is a need for a Web Page where obscure questions can be asked and everybody comes together to answer it. Now what can it be called?


david mcmahon said...

I know who Roger is. Recognised him immediately. It's Roger Rabbit, unshaven and after ear-reduction surgery.

Nice blog. Good mix of subjects - information and humour is a good combination. Good luck with Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards and thanks for nominating your blog.


David aka aussiejourno

Sherry said...

Yes But,
If you can't get an answer from Google or Ask Jeeves for 'who is' Yes But, what good are they? Even I know who Yes But is. He's a Grumpy Old Fart!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a puerile comment. hehe

Keep blogging, Sherry

janzjottings said...

I know how it is, you almost remember the name, but the minute you think about it it skitters out of reach. Stop trying, put it on the back burner and suddenly it will come to you. The minute it does, write it down or you'll forget it again. I know, I've been there!

Yes But said...

David, Sherry & Janz

Thanks for paying a visit and leaving a comment

Still can’t remember - now I’ve forgotten his first name as well!!!