Saturday, 10 March 2007

Where are they now?

I said never plan nor predict - very true.

Yesterday morning, who would have predicted that by lunch time Jezza’s Exiles message board, would be taken off line. Without prior notification, members were left dumfounded.

They started to drift off to the new board Exiles Exiles

And the older message board Points Aspew

Jezza’s Exiles board
is back on line, but closed.

Who really knows what happened last week. Some people have posted various comments regarding the behaviour of Jezza’s Exiles Site Administer, which I will not repeat. Based on the phrases used and the tone of the emails I received from her, and this is pure speculation, I have the feeling she feels her efforts to setup and administer the board was not fully appreciated. As I wrote two days ago, we all create the world we live in. We make assumptions and judgements, some may be valid others aren’t; but we have to bear the consequences.

I really hope Jezza’s Exiles board reopens. It had over 300 members, 50 of who were active posters. People had formed friendships on the board and it truly was a community. To keep the board closed would be equivalent to bulldozing a country village knocking down its church, pub, village hall, schools and sports field.

I would encourage members of Jezza’s Exiles who have the Site Administrators email address, to contact her and provide words of encouragement to reopen the board.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid old chap, that you may be way off the mark. Although maybe not quite so far off as those whos posts you mention.

I suspect there are larger forces than you or I know about at work here, and I suspect that the boards will reopened as soon as it is possible for the site manager to do so, she's a good egg, you know.


Steph Lealman said...


this is really just a bit of a 'thank you' message for a comment you left a couple of weeks ago on my blog, not been able to post much which is why it's taken so long to get back to you (so I get what you mean about don't plan...But i'm currently planning a trip to Cleveland with some mates - And if I don't plan that - No trip, so I guess it's all relative really)

Anyway cheers, and as to all this stuff with the Jezza message board closing and everything...Sounds confusing, but people say everything happens for a reason - Not quite sure what the reason for this would be though...Unless it's some hint from above to get people to have a life?...But I personally think that's pretty overrated anyway...

Yes But said...

Hi Dowelld

“Larger Forces”, like Dr Who or the Daleks?
Now your comment is really intriguing.
Are you prepared to give clues?


Yes But said...

Hi Steph

Thanks for the return visit.

“some hint from above to get people to have a life”

I think you are correct.

Message boards can be addictive. But I think it reflects modern society in the USA & UK, that the only place people can find a sense of comfort provided by a community, is in cyberspace


Anonymous said...

YesBut old chap

The truth is out there... ;) Like some of the people really :D

And I'm not the only one who thinks it have a read on the new board.