Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Blogs, Message boards and Holes

Last night I was thinking what shall I blog about tomorrow. This morning I woke up with the idea to write: possibly about the subjects people blog about or examining aspects of morality - specifically why is some behaviour morally acceptable while others aren’t? Then there is the question, why do people commit immoral actions, even knowing to do so would be breaking the law? Why are people paedophiles? Is it nature or nurture? Then I thought I had written on the subject before. When I scrolled through my previous blogs to check, I noticed there were a number of comments I hadn’t responded to. Each day I normally check back a number of blogs for comments. But it appears I haven’t been as diligent as I should.

So the first thing I must do is apologies to all those who have taken time to leave comments, and I have failed to post a reply. Sorry - wrist duly slapped.

Then when I looked at the blog this morning, I saw a message from Gadget to say both Exiles Exiles and Jezza’s Exiles message boards were down. So I left a quck blog to let people know, and give the opportunity for people to leave messages.

Gadget asked about the heating, which should have been switched off Monday to repair a leak. As I said previously never plan - it never works out. The men are still leaning on their shovels waiting for the young lad who uses the pneumatic hammer to come back from the cafĂ© with their teas. I think there’s a problem in deciding where to dig - a case of don’t dig it there dig it elsewhere. But the elsewhere is out on the pavement and you can’t dig up a pavement without prior Council consent. So the lad with the teas came back, but the whole lot disappeared to the betting shop to wait for the consent. Now every cloud has a silver lining, while the Council procrastinates we have heating. With a bit of luck spring will come before they get around to granting permission. Meanwhile the lads are happy in the betting shop.

Now I’m getting close to a rant about pavements. There are companies in this country making a vast fortune allegedly repairing pavements. They throw a dollop of sand under the paving stone. The next day it starts rocking again, and back they come to “repair” it again. Nice little earner.

Can it be the reason the message boards went off line, was someone digging up the pavement cut through the power supply to the boards. This blog will never go down its internally powered by farting.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Who's that Welsh comedian who used to walk on stage with a big leek?
Can't remember.
your post reminded me of one of his acts years ago. It featured a song about Council Workmen. In one verse, he says that the workmen are dropped off by their van at the place where they're meant to dig the hole. But they discover that they've forgotten their shovels. So they ring the office-

"We've left our shovels behind!"
-"OK we'll send them out to you."
"What do we do in the meantime?"
-"Well you'll just have to lean on each other till they arrive, won't you?"


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