Sunday, 11 March 2007


It has been one of those weeks, where the only reaction to it is having a general rant - so here goes

Either inexplicable or incongruous would be an appropriate description. It’s all down to appropriate language.

I received my energy bills this week, gas & electricity, from British Gas, they were accompanied by a booklet entitled:

“Esbonio eich datganiad ynni”

“Your energy statement explained”

Know why you might ask were they accompanied by a 6 page brochure in both Welsh & English?

The subtitle explains it all: “We’ve redesigned your energy statement so that it’s easier to read and understand.”

So if they are easier to understand, why is it necessary to provide a booklet to explain it?

Out for a walk yesterday morning, I was handed a pamphlet published by NO2ID - only one pamphlet, no need for a second to explain what they were saying in the first.

I’m still to be convinced by the Governments case for having Identification Cards. At first they said it was due to national security, to protect us from suicide bombers. It was pointed out the 21/7 London Suicide Bombers were British Nationals and would have been entitled to an ID card. So the Government switched their argument to the case for their use to prevent social service benefit fraud, but as the pamphlet points out “Almost all benefit fraud is lying about circumstances, not who you are”.

So why is it necessary for me to carry an ID card? The introduction of which the Government admits will cost a minimum of £5.8 Billion.

I thought at least I would finish the week on a high note with Wales beating Italy in the 2007 RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship. But such was the week - no chance. Its not the fact they lost which has left Wales stunned but the events of the final minute of the game. Wales were losing 23 - 20, when they were awarded a penalty. They knew there was only a short time left. They had two options they could take a penalty kick which if successful would give 3 points and so draw the game. Or they could kick to touch close to the Italian try line, and from there score a try and win the game. The Welsh team followed normal procedure; they asked the referee if there was enough time to take the second option. He could clearly be seen saying, yes there were 10 seconds left. So the ball was kicked into touch. Immediately the referee blew his whistle bringing the game to an end and handing victory to Italy. For a few seconds the Welsh team stood there stunned, then their faces changed to anger as they confronted the referee.

I must end this week on a positive note. Despite their anger, frustration and all the other emotions they must have been feeling, they behaved as good sportsmen and congratulated the Italian players on their victory. So I guess there is hope.

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