Thursday, 29 March 2007

Never mind the content.

I think this blog is taking over my life. If I’m not thinking about a topic to write about, it’s actually typing out the blog. Then looking for a suitable photo. If that’s not enough someone leaves a comment that they like the content of the blog, but hate its appearance. Says it scares people off. The blog has had about 2600 hits in three months; I wonder how many of those visitors are now traumatised by the shock of seeing the blog? At this very moment people are seeking counselling for post-traumatic stress syndrome. I can’t allow humanity to suffer. Also looking after my own interests - I don’t want to be sued, for causing someone psychological trauma - I thought I should alter its appearance.

Changed the text font, then the font size, neither change was successful. Then I tried changing the colour scheme. Finished up altering the blog layout. Still not the desired appearance. Then took a leap into the dark, without a safety net, and changed the photograph in the blog header. Still not happy. But I’ve got to get a life, can’t spend my life stuck behind this computer. Apologies to those still shocked by the appearance - but get over it! Into every life an ugly blog must fall.

I miss the old photo. An iconic silhouette of a section of London skyline: November sunset, with The Palace of Westminster and St Steven’s Tower. The new photo isn’t so easily recognisable, doubt if anybody will recognise it. A clue - the spec on the screen about half an inch up from the bottom and two inch from the left isn’t dirt on your monitor. About two years ago the object was put up for sale for £1. This blog can be relied upon to provide you with trivial pieces of information.

Did you know YesBut is the anagram of “Tubeys”?

“The Tubey crafts in Totally Tubeys are a fun way to enhance your storytime and craft programs with creative ideas for each month of the year. Each storytime includes an annotated bibliography, activity ideas and a Tubey pattern with instructions. The Tubeys are made from readily available and inexpensive materials: bathroom tissue tubes or tubes from other paper rolls. Totally Tubeys! is recommended for anyone working with children in preschool to grade three, but the Tubey crafts can be enjoyed by children of all ages! Grades”.

Did you know YesBut is the anagram of “Steuby”?

John J Steuby Co. have been manufacturing screw machine products since 1962.

Did you know YesBut is the anagram of “beusty”?

In the language of the Marawko tribe, from central Amazon basin, “beusty” means doing something useless, i.e. a trivial pursuit. It is also their word for blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yesbut,

Eamped down again. New board is:


dowelld said...

Hi YesBut

I like the new layout. Sorry it's probably not very new now, and I'll have to confess to not having visited recently.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

I first visited with the old layout. I didn't have any problems. In fact I liked the way the photo of the London skyline told me immediately that it was a UK blog.

(Doesn't matter to me if it's Australian, American or whatever, it's just that if I like a blog I eventually check out the owner's profile and see, amongst other things, where they come from. Your picture said that. Am I making any sense or just waffling?)

It also gave a sort of "angry of Tunbridge Wells" impression, which made me smile.

Anyway, you're not giving up are you? You sound a bit down. I hope not. I was just about to put a link to you on my blog!

YesBut said...

Hi b.t. bear esq.

“You sound a bit down . . .”.

Me down - NO.
Grumpy - YES.
But what’s new!

Difficult to know without feedback, what changes should be made.
Funny that!
When I first started last December, I just wrote the blog to satisfy myself. No thought or care if anybody read it.
Then I made a big mistake of installing the counter. Bad move - you see the counter ticking over and think “People are reading my blog”, “What do they think about it” - in reality they haven’t read the blog, just made a wrong turning in cyber space.

Next thing, I’m not writing for myself, but to entertain others - sold my soul.

You obviously have great fun writing your blog. Are you conscious of trying to “please”, or are you a true free spirited little bear, who would only sell his soul for a pot of honey?

No I’m not giving up, I’ll go on being grumpy and farting to the end.

See you at the picnic

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

I used to actualy write a diary but decided to put it online last summer. Mainly because I'd lost my diary. LOL. I kept the same format,; daily scores etc. But as it was going out to more than just family I had to post about Bear rules and other things that people wouldn't understand. SO it grew.

I just write to record what's going on in my wee furry head, really. I'm not worried about what others think. Some get it and some don't! I write it in Bear English, which is mostly phonetic, and I've had people email and say they can't read it, and can I please write it 'properly'. LOL! No way! I'm a Bear!

On the other paw, I don't install a counter because if it showed that no one was coming by I'd get depressed and not bother any more :@(

So I like to THINK that it's liked, but I'd rather just imagine that it is than know the real truth. Ha!

I do have a few regulars, which is nice. And the odd Bear gets in touch. You'd be amazed how many Bears there are out there that blog. (I was!)