Friday, 9 March 2007

Neither a planner nor predictor be.

I planned yesterday what to write in my blog today. It never occurred to me, even this morning, I would make three postings.

But fate took control; I had to write a blog to register my hope that Welsh Gardner had not been excluded from the Jezza’s Exiles message board.

Yesterday there was an exchange of views, in the comments section, on whether to start a new message board. I installed a guestbook which visitors could use as a forum. It worked OK yesterday, but today its decided to bar all entry. To be excluded from a message board is regrettable, to be barred from your own guestbook is positively perverse!

Do you ever get the feeling you aren’t wanted? Is it me or what?

A message has now been left in the comment section of the “Cause for concern” blog, informing readers that a new message board has been set up.

Exiles Exiles

Now the question is, can I chance applying for membership and risk my application being blackballed - barred from three boards in a week, would be some record - or would it be better to wait till next week, in the hope my luck will change?

Exiles Exiles, are you going to have a Sports Forum on your Board?


Anonymous said...

Get on with it man, you should be registered by now :)

Anonymous said...

Yesbut, a sports board has been set up at my request, but be warned, I know very little about rugby!!

Like the previous poster said, get registered.


Yes But said...


I have done

Hope visitors to this blog will take a few minutes to visit ExilesExiles at

and become members.


Anonymous said...

It still reads like 'sexiles' doesn't it? :D


Anonymous said...

Good God woman!
Do you think of nothing else ?


Anonymous said...

I try not to....


daz said...

Exiles link wrong. Should be