Friday, 15 June 2007

Caption of the Week Award

On 14th April YesBut’s Images came into existence. I explained the reasons for the new blog, in my blog “YesBut why a new blog?”. In just over two months the blog has evolved and now has life of its own!!

It started when I added captions to the photograph. Then I thought, “why not invite visitors to the blog to post suggested captions”. The blog took-off thanks to the publicity given to it by David McMahon in his blog.

Over the last few weeks there has been a steady flow of contributors, including: David McMahon, Chewy, Doug, Catmoves, Bart, Helena and last but very much not least Ozlady. I hope visitors to the blog have been as amused as I have at the humour and imagination of the captions. I thought some recognition should be given to the brilliance of some of the captions. So the idea of having a “Caption of the Week Award”. I know which captions I have enjoyed the most, but the blog is as much the contributors as my own.

So, I am announcing the launch of the “Caption of the Week Award”, the winner will be selected by visitors to the blog. So the rules.

  • Visit the blog and review the captions for the postings 16th to 22nd June inclusive.
  • Select your wining caption and runner up
  • Post your choices on the blog (some times contributors submit more than one caption each day; so please clearly identify which caption you are nominating).
  • Voting will close at midnight GMT Sunday 24th June.

First nominations will be given 2 point, 2nd nominations 1 point. The caption having the highest total of points will be awarded the “Caption of the Week Award“.

Results will be posted on this blog and YesBut’s Images.

So visit YesBut’s Images and vote.

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