Saturday, 23 June 2007

YesBut that was the third week of June

Just about got over the disappointment of not appearing in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. At least Beefy, Ian Botham got a knighthood which he fully deserves for his cricket achievements and fundraising. Through long distance sponsored walks has raised £10 million for leukaemia research. (Glad to see the Duke of Edinburgh is keeping his head warm - can’t be too careful when your 86 years old)

So they’ve discovered that the Amazon is the longest river in the world, at 6,800km (4,250 miles) it is 105 km longer than the Nile. Who says size doesn’t count!

Last Sunday there were ceremonies in London marking the 25th anniversary of the end of Falkland Island conflict. The events finished with a fly past. Tony Blair was accompanying members of the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister at the time of the war.

I wonder if Blair was thinking “this is a celebration of Thatcher’s triumph, but in 25 years time there will be no celebration for me”. Too right! In 25 years time Blair will still be remembered as the Prime Minister who lied to his country and took it into an unwanted war.

On Tuesday in response to the posting “YesBut what does it mean?” , B.T. Bear asked for suggestions for a word for the time between someone farting and the reaction of others in their company. My first suggestion was “pungent pause”. But after due consideration I’ve come up with:

Using the prefix for before “pre”, you get prepong, or prestink or pressence. But if you consider the word relates to the
time period between the fart and the smelling, you could use smellspell. But I think my preferred word is preordouraction.

David McMahon wrote in his blog on Thursday, about being in Melbourne on the Shortest Day of the Year. What a coincident it was the Longest Day of the Year in the UK!!! We blog a World apart. For the record in Wales it rained and rained and rained.

Like the Indian Royal families of old, and Alpine goat headers; YesBut and his entourage has moved to its summer pastures. After the sun and the rain of May and June the grass is so high, its difficult to find the computer! One result of being away from YesBut’s HQ is I have to rely on the local library to get internet access, so there will be no posting tomorrow. I’m posting two images today on YesBut’s Images site, so you can think up plenty of captions.

I really really hope you vote in the Captions of the Week Competition, there have been some fantastic entries this week, so please click here for YesBut’s Images and cast your vote for the captions posted 16th to 22nd June inclusive.

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

"preordouraction" it is, then!