Monday, 11 June 2007

YesBut what's the local news?

Last Monday I shared with you a few stories from around the world reported in local papers. I asked you to let me know of any interesting or amusing stories from your local newspaper. The response was overwhelmingly underwhelming. But YesBut isn’t so easily put off, so I’ve done another troll of the internet.

From the Northern Territory News, Australia - Naked snaps wake teen”. “A TERRITORY woman is scared to be alone in her home after a man poked his arm through her window and took photos of her naked as she slept.”

The Ashley News Observer, Arkansas. Four members of family arrested in for-day period” .“The Ashley County Sheriff's Department, the Arkansas State Police and the Crossett Police Department recently arrested four members of one family in four days."

The Evening Times - Scotlands top selling evening paper. “My new kitchen collapsed on my head”. “A WOMAN had a lucky escape when her newly-fitted kitchen units collapsed on her head and knocked her to the floor."

The Agassiz-Harrison Observer, British Columbia. “Village buys inflatable dikes”. The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is the proud new owner of 1.7 kilometres worth of inflatable dikes called Aqua Dams“.

Bournemouth Daily Echo, Dorset, England. "Drivers subjected to tirade of abuse by car park man.” CUSTOMERS of a Bournemouth car park were shocked when an attrndant unleashed a barrage of insults and expletives at them."

Apologies for the thought that flashed across my mind at reading the Agassiz-Harrison Observer’s headline.

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