Sunday, 17 June 2007

YesBut which one?

Friday I announced the inauguration of YesBut’s Images web site “Caption of the week Award”. I decided to do this to give greater recognition to those who have contributed some brilliantly funny and clever captions to the photographs.

The first unsolicited humorous caption was posted on 27th April by B.T. Bear who commented on a photo of the London Marathon - “WOW look at all those water bottles! The loos must have been busy”.

His caption gave me the idea of inviting other humorous captions. For the next couple of weeks B.T. was the sole contributor. Things started to pick up when the blog was listed on David McMahon's Aussiejourno’s Weekly Blog Awards.

Since then there have been some gems of captions submitted, these are a few that come readily to mind:

Ozlady’s cutting caption to a stark photo - “Hag drags bag while havin’ a fag!”,

B.T. Bear’s very clever caption - “Archaeologists find stalagtights in Petticoat Lane”

Barts caption, asked so many questions - “Perhaps if I keep looking intently, nobody will realize I accidentally glued my thumb to the inside of this book”

Chewy’s imaginative caption - “If I blow enough hot air into this balloon I could rise above it all”.

David McMahon has been a regular contributor, but I consider the one made on the 3rd June to be exceptional. It ties in the name of the restaurant with its location and the rumbling of the trains passing over the bridge - “Can you hear the drums, fer Nando’s?”.

There were a number of great captions for the 4th June photo, including Doug’s - ”Babe, the Cyndi Lauper look went out ages ago”.

It is interesting how viewers see different things in a photograph, Scott from Oregon suggested - “Every year, the baton twirlers fought for the front position . . .”.

Again Bart’s caption on the 6th June was so imaginative - “What are you in for? I’m in for loitering”.

Looking back over the previous weeks submissions, which would you consider notable. I hope next Sunday you will cast your vote on the best caption submitted between 16th and 22nd June. Even better submit your own captions.

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