Monday, 25 June 2007

Winner of the YesBut’s Image - Caption of the Week Award.

Before I announce the identity of the first winner of the award, I have to say, the standard of the captions posted last week was extremely high. YesBut’s Editorial team had great fun each day reading the captions and discussing their merits. (Actually some of the discussions were less than affable).

Starting with Friday 15th, YesBut’s photographer Dai Watch the Birdie, liked Ozlady’s caption “I may be a square, but you’re just muzak”

On Saturday Big Bev loved Doug’s Yes officer . . . They were sitting right there before the UFO landed. And Dai the Blog agreed, but that’s not saying much, being under Big Bev’s cleavage power he agrees with everything she says.

Now Sunday brought out the worst in YesBut’s Editorial team, with team members almost resorting to violence to get everyone to agree with their selection. Dai Ready Money liked Chewy’s “Smile and look at the birdie!” – because it was open to a multiple of interpretations: the conventional “watch the birdie”, the fact the hats looked like pink birds, and the none PC reference to women as birds.

Monday Dai Roaming, YesBut’s foreign correspondent managed to find his way to the office, and Mrs Mop struck him over the head with her brush. When he came around he was enthusiastic about Ozlady’s “Don’t get shirty with me”. But on reflection he might have been addressing Mrs Mop.

Opinions were divided on Tuesday between Ozlady’s “**swaying** . . . and you-u-u, light up my life . . .”; and David McMahon’s “Watts up”.

Wednesday was very special, Dai the Box laughed at Ozlady’s “Guys – shut up, I’m trying to read this sign . . . ‘U-N that’s un, D-E- R, that’s der . . .”, (being a grumpy old fart i never laugh). While Mrs YesBut (she who must be obayed) thought David McMahon’s caption “Okay, so you won the Monopoly game this time, but here’s an IOU for the station”, was very clever.

What superlatives can be said about Thursday’s captions? Anyone of them could quite justifiably be chosen as the Caption of the Week. As far YesBut’s Editorial Team were concerned they couldn’t come to an agreement on which was the caption of the day.

A high standard was maintained throughout the week, none more so than on Friday. It was great to see a new contributor – Mrs YesBut and Mrs Mop both agreed (which is a rare event) that she (they tell me Wackjobs is a she) will be a strong contender.

I’m afraid only two people voted – sad (I’m sure it’s not a reflection on the quality of the captions posted).

One vote was for Chewy’s caption on the 21st June – “Drank that frozen Margarita too fast! Brain freeze, brain freeze. Oh, that hurts!”

The other was for Bart’s caption on the 19th June – “84 squares, 85 squares, 86 squares, orange and green blockades...? Oh crap, now I've lost count...1 square, 2 squares... “

I really wish YesBut’s Editorial team didn’t have to decide. But after much squabbling the first winner of YesBut’s Images Caption of the Week Award is – BART.

There are two reasons:

I originally chose the photograph because no caption was readily obvious, and to
post any caption was an achievement.

Bart’s caption showed a high
degree of both imagination and humour.

I hope you agree with the final choice. I also hope more people will vote at the end of this week.

The winner - click here to see.

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