Saturday, 9 June 2007

YesBut that was the first week of June

Last Saturday Scotland Yard told the Jamaica police, based on a UK Home Office pathologist’s post-mortem, they now consider Bob Woolmer the Parkistan cricket team’s coach died of natural causes, and was not murdered. His death on 18th March, or rather the suspicion that he had been murdered by a betting syndicate had cast a dark shadow over the ICC Cricket World Cup played in the West Indies. At the time I had questioned the betting syndicate theory.

On Monday the London 2012 Olympics Committee unveiled the emblem for the games. The Chairman, Sebastian Coe said:
“London 2012 will be ‘Everyone’s Games’, everyone’s 2012. This is the vision at the heart of our brand”.
It is reported the “brand image” cost £400,000 ($800 thousand) to produce. Be honest, does that logo speak to you of London, Olympics and 2012. It looks like a fat man sitting on a collapsing chair. I will now make a prediction - the log will be changed. The only problem is saving face and finding a good excuse to change it.

After several centuries Spain has just realised its National Anthem has no lyrics. Up to now Spaniards have had to stand embarrassingly or sung la, la, la (or the equivalent of la, la, la, in Spanish). The Government has now set up a committee of politicians to write words for the Anthem. Can you imagine a Spanish athlete standing on the winners podium singing:

Our Party is the best vote for us.
No our Party is the Best vote for us.
Don’t listen to them, our Party is the best vote for use.

It was Henry Allingham’s birthday on Wensday. Henry who?
In the year Henry was born; Utah was admitted as the 45th U.S. state, the first X-ray photograph was taken, the first modern Olympics was held, Wilfred Laurier became Canada’s 7th Prime Minister, gold was discovered in Klondike, William McKinley won the US Presidential election and Victoria was Queen of most of the World. Henry was 7 years old when the Wright Brothers made the first aircraft flight. Henry Allington is oldest surviving British veteran of World War 1; he was born on 6th June 1896 - and is still going strong.

England and West Indies cricket teams had so much fun two weeks ago that they’ve decided to play against each other again. This time in Manchester - higher chance of rain, and the two men in white coats declaring “bad light”. Click here to see the definitive description on the rules of cricket.

April thought is was June. May was confused. June with the rain and wind thinks it is April. I really hope the weather will be good for the next two days of events; celebrating the re-opening after two years of restoration and redevelopment of the Royal Festival Hall. Mrs YesBut was there last night dancing the night away; while YesBut stood with an aloof sophisticated look on his face, beating time with his big toe.

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Helena said...


Someone told me that the logo is VERY rude indeed. I'll tell you how. But if you see it this way, you'll never see it any other way. So be warned. Look away now if you don't want to look at a rude symbol for the next 5 years.


Right here goes-

It's a woman performing a very lewd act on a man.
The woman is on the right.
The man is standing on the left.
The woman is bending down and....
well the dot in the middle is his er... thingy.

See what I mean?


Before I was told this, I couldn't even see it as "2012", as it just looked like a capital "R".

Where the hell did that £400/- go?


YesBut said...

Too much information, far far too much.Naughty girl.

Helena said...

Hey, I'm just passing it on! I didn't see it like that first! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like an Olympic logo for The Flintstones. Chunky, clunky and garish.