Thursday, 14 June 2007

YesBut you can catch time as it passes.

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On Sunday I posted the blog “YesBut nothing remains the same”, which illustrated how the London skyline had changed in a matter of months. Specialist time lapse cameras are expensive. But interesting results can be obtained with a cheap compact digital camera.

Suitable subjects:

Children or grandchildren - especially in the first two years of their lives. Take a photograph of them the same day every week. When you see them every day their growth and development, while noticeable, isn’t as dramatic as seeing a series of shots taken over three months or a longer period. As they get older, photos taken once a month can be equally enlightening.

The view from your home - even if there isn’t the dramatic changes as occur in a city. Take a series of photos to form a panoramic view on the first day of each month. These will show the changes with the seasons. And will be an interesting and in time valuable historical record of where you live.

If you have a garden keep a record of how it changes. Adopt a tree - there must be a tree near your home, (unless you are reading this blog in a desert). Photograph it once a month.

There was an interesting exhibit in Tate Modern in London. It was a time lapse video of a bowl of fruit slowly decaying. Use your imagination, look around you for subjects.

I assume you store your digital photographs in your computer. Create a file for each subject, then when you download your photos onto your computer drag the photos into their respective files. Important take a view moments to name each photo with the date it was taken.

Finally you can make a slide show of each file. Or even better download them to Photobucket, make a side show to share with friends and family or put them on your blog.

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Anonymous said...

These are some creative suggestions for photo projects.

I file my photos in folders named by date: 07 for the year, then the month Jun, then the day date, then the subject. So the name of the folder looks like this: 07Jun14Garden.

YesBut said...

Hi Chewy I use a similar system. Today's photos are labelled 070614

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I was going to do photo's like that of the marigolds I've been growing from seed. But it wasn't practical to leave them in the same place all the time. But I've still put a photo on the blog each week.... they're not very well this week :@{
something is eating them.


Hey ho.

My blog is giving a very special message to the world today. If you have a Bear, get him to join in...

Bottoms Up!


YesBut said...

Hi b.t.
No way would my bear bear his bear bottom not even to another bear who has beared his bear bottom.
There are things well brought up bears don't do, and bearing bottoms is one of them.