Thursday, 21 June 2007

YesBut copy first

In my blog two weeks ago YesBut its a new world, I touched upon the use of photo editing programs.I apologies, I omitted a word of caution, which I should have included in the blog.

Make a copy before you start manipulating any image. And only edit the copy never the original. Even if you have an idea in your mind of the final image you are striving for, make a copy of the original before you start and work on the copy.

There are two reasons for the golden rule.

  • Sods law "if things can go wrong, they will go wrong". Unfortunatly things do go wrong when editing a photograph. If you have copy of the original you can start again (not forgetting to work on a new copy).
  • There are many many images within a photograph. The joy of photo editing is bring-out hidden images. You can use copies of the original to make different images.
The photo in today’s YesBut’s Image is a cropped version of the photograph on the left.
The photographs below show a few images that can be obtained by cropping the same original photograph.

Cropping is just one of many tools available to you when using a photo editing program. The photoes below illustrates just three:

  1. Cropping the original photo
  2. Adjusting the cropped photos saturation (making colours more brilliant)
  3. And applying one of many filters giving the saturated cropped photo a twirl.

Go on have a go. But first click here and add your suggested caption to today’s YesBut’ Image

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