Monday, 4 June 2007

YesBut what’s the news today?

I love a good rant, what would life be without them? I was pleased when YesBut’s Wales correspondent drew my attention to the article in this weeks Llanelli Star newspaper. The headline is:“Childish Ranting”. It’s a letter from Councillor John Jenkins and starts
“There’s going to be a shortage of crayons in Llanelli if Councillor Eric Smith is going to keep writing his ridiculous, childish ranting letters to the Llanelli Star. At the risk of incurring Eric’s wrath, I feel the need to respond to his letter”.

Isn't that a great rant against ranting? The rest of the letter is about local politics and only of interest to the two Councillors

We have all sat in front of our computers and thought “what can I blog about today?” no problem if nothing comes to mind. But each week the editors of local newspapers, such as the Llanelli Star, have to fill their pages. A challenge in a small town where nothing much happens. The only exciting story I recall the Star reporting this year is, during the night someone climbed up the sign in a garage forecourt and altered the price of petrol! Exciting or what?

I thought I would surf the net and see what other thrilling stories were being reported in local papers.

The Mercury - the voice of Tasmania reported under the headline “Gentle tug and its free” - a tug boat stranded on a beach at Burnie has been freed. That’s a relief; I was really worried it might be stuck there permanently.

The Burlington Hawk Eye - Iowa’s oldest daily newspaper had the headline “Couple sues Wal-Mart over slip in vomit”. Yes well that’s enough of that story.

The Evening Mail - reporting on events in North-West England under the headline “Bin Collections To Stay Weekly”.

”Barrow town hall chiefs are set to bin plans to pick up rubbish every fortnight. Much to the relief of residents, Barrow Borough Council looks likely to continue with its once-a-week collections”.

Collection of household rubbish has been a national story in the UK. Councils are proposing to make fortnightly collections with limits set on how much rubbish each household will be allowed to put in their bins.

The Daily News, Fairbanks - the voice of Interior Alaska since 1903, had the headline “Grizzly killed off Farmers Loop”. The report states:

“A Fairbanks man shot and killed a grizzly bear early Thursday morning off Farmers Loop, just a mile or two north of town, when the bear and its siblings expressed an interest in his backyard farm“.

B.T Bear who frequently visits this site will be upset by the story; but I bet the editor of the Llanelli Star would love to report on the shooting of a grizzly!

If you have an interesting or amusing story in your local newspaper, please let me know.

Enough excitement for today. If you want a little more click here and post your caption entry on YesBut’s Image.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


They were only expressing an interest. He didn't have to shoot him.

Did you see that story about the giant hog that some boy killed in USA? WHY? Why kill it? Just cos it was big?


Sf. Sssff. sf. sssff. ssf. sssff.

YesBut said...

Hi b.t

I told your Mommy not to let you look at the blog, I knew you would be upset.
I agree with you, there was no need to shoot either the bear or the hog