Tuesday, 10 April 2007

YesBut better safe than sorry.

All that looking at antispyware programs and reading about viruses has made me quite paranoiac. If “They” can attack my computer, then just think what They could do to this blog. The mind boggles at the thought. But as you might have noticed I’ve taken some security precautions. Installed CCTV to watch the blog while I’m away from the computer. After seeing what school kids do at the local newsagents - one distracts the shop keeper while the others are stealing sweats and magazines - I thought, that’s it, no kids allowed near this blog.

Then if the blog gets popular, lots of people viewing it at the same time, you know what would happen? Everywhere there are crowds - pickpockets. Innocent old lady from Minsk reading the blog, next thing she knows some thief has stolen her foot warmer. Before I know it I’m being sued by an old woman from Minsk. Not me. Sought legal advice, told if I install a warning sign I would do all that is required from a prudent blogger. So forget about sueing me, look after your own family jewels.

To be extra careful, I’m also warning you about thieves taking your iPod MP3 player. If you are sitting there listening to music- music suddenly stops, you might assume you’ve gone deaf, no, some scumbag has thieved your iPod. But don’t blame me I’ve warned you.

Then I thought what if there’s some techno geek, walking down the street, reading this blog on his mobile phone or laptop with wireless connection. Gets so intrigued by the content and the rapier wit and repartee, that he doesn’t notice he‘s come to a side street, steps off the pavement and splat, knocked down by a horse-drawn-hearse. [If the next of kin are smart they could do a deal with the Undertaker (sorry Funeral Director) get 50% discount off the funeral costs. Well let’s face it, not good publicity, going to dispose of one body and picking up another on the way]. But being a good citizen, I’ve taken a precaution of warning you - look both ways.

Come to think of it, safest thing for both you and the blog.

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