Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Have medical prescription will travel

On 1st April NHS Prescription charges in England increased to £6.85 per item. On the same date medical prescription charges in Wales were scraped.

If you live in London and have more than three items on a prescription, it will be cheaper to buy an Advanced Return train ticket and travel to Cardiff to obtain your prescribed medication, than go to your local pharmacy..

Sunday there was a program on BBC Radio 4 “Battle for Birth”, looking at the history of maternity practice in the NHS. Even within the last thirty years expectant mothers, as a matter of routine had to suffer the indignity of being shaved and given an enema. It was NHS policy for all women to give birth in Maternity Hospitals; and they were not allowed out of bed for two weeks after giving birth. How things have changed; today because of financial constraints 9 out of 10 NHS Health Trusts in England and Wales cannot afford to run antenatal classes. A recent survey by the Royal College of Midwives revealed two-thirds of maternity units are understaffed and an additional 3000 midwives need to be recruited.

NHS National Health Service is a misnomer, it should be PCHS Postal Code Health Service.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...


My Mummy has to get medicine. She used to get 3 months' worth at a time, but recently this NHS trust said they had a big debt, and so, to try to get more money, no one can now have a prescription for more than 28 days' worth of medicine at a time. SO her bill has gone up by over 4 times per year already. Now it's to be £6.85 a time as well....

She complained but they just said, buy a pre-payment certificate. She told them that that still means paying more than before, but they won't make exceptions.

She isn't working. She's on Incap Benefit, and you don't get help with medicine costs on that, even though it's for sick people.

It's all mad.

I tell you, things would be a lot better round here if everything was run by us Bears.

I just hope she has enough left over to keep me in choklit peanuts.

YesBut said...

Mother Bears should have free prescriptions.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...