Saturday, 28 April 2007

YesBut if I catch them I’d tag their . . .

It costs Londoner’s over £100 million per year to clean up the work of graffiti vandals. It’s ugly and is nothing but visual pollution. It is so extensive on London's South Bank between Westminster and Blackfriars Bridges that a dedicated team has had to be employed to remove the garbage.

Particularly in this area of London it is undiluted criminal vandalism. Why? Because there is an area set aside under the podium of Queen Elizabeth Hall for graffiti artists to practice their art. (Who am I to judge if it is or isn’t art).

By no stretch of the imagination can these daubers be regarded as artists, they are simple minded egotists. At least the paint sprayer’s activities can be removed. But these dumbos aren’t content with paint. They need to leave permanent reminders of their activities, by scratching their tags on bus and train windows.

I guess they are the twenty-first century’s equivalent of Rene Descartes’ philosophical supposition “I think therefore I am”.

"I graffiti to prove that I am."

Yes it proves they are, criminals, mindless, cretins who should be locked up and the key thrown away.

Click here to see images of the area set a side on the South Bank for graffiti artists.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Some newly built houses near us have a walkway to some woods. PArt of it goes by two houses, so for their privacy, they have tall walls. Hey guess what? Graffitti on them already.

What is this urge to destroy and deface?

They should all have their pants taken away for a punishment, and be made to clean it all off with them.


Bob :@}

YesBut said...

I agree