Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Potters Fields

Within the shadow of London's Tower Bridge there is a patch of grass and dirt which obtained a degree of notoriety in 2003 as the site chosen by David Blaine to spend 44days without food, in a suspended Perspex box. For the period, the 30 year old magician was taunted and ridiculed by Londoners and tourists alike.

Then last year the area was fenced off and a sign put up announcing to the world:

“Potters Fields is about to be transformed.
A new design to create a world class park. . .”

Three million pounds was allocated for the project. My imagination raced away trying to imagine what the world class park would look like. Would it be a safari park, with herds of wilderbeasts, lions and giraffes? At dusk tourists could sit out on the hunting lodge’s balcony drinking their gin & tonic watching the animals comedown to the watering hole. Or it might match the grandeur of New York’s Central Park, or London’s Hyde Park with a boating lake and expanse of green lush grass.

Progress on the construction was slow. Small areas could be viewed through viewing holes in the surrounding fence, puzzlingly the activity didn’t quite equate with what would be expected for the creation of a world class park.

Then the fence was removed, and all was revealed.

Please control your excitement and anticipation, YesBut's ace photographer has been sent post haste to the new park, and the photographs will be posted on the blog tomorrow.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

I bet it's a green lawn, two trees and a bench.

Oh, and petunias.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hey! Go here:

My Mummy nominated you!