Sunday, 22 April 2007

YesBut run on

Londoners are not in favour of hosting the 2012 Olympics, mainly because they resent having to make a contribution to the estimated £9.3 billion costs. (Yes £9,300,000,000 that's US$18,600,000,000 a lot of ‘0s’).

But their attitude to today’s London Marathon is so different, maybe because it is sponsored by Flora and is not a burden on the tax payers!No they love it because it's such a great event. Londoners will join with tourists to cheer on and encourage the runners. They do not care who wins the race, every runner is treated as a winner, their attention is on the fun runners who through sponsorship will collect millions of pounds for charities. It claims to be the largest annual fund raising event in the World; last year £41.5 million was raised for charity.

Families will be there shouting encouragement, “come on dad only two miles to go”, “go Mom go we are proud of you”. Runners drained of all energy will be revitalised by the love and warmth radiating from the spectators.

And now it’s time for me to go to join the crowds and shout my encouragement, “your nearly there, go go go, you can do it”.

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