Thursday, 26 April 2007

YesBut a world class park?

As promised yesterday, YesBut’s ace photographer was sent to photograph the park recently constructed at Potters Field.

So this is what More London promised to be a “world class park”. I have seen more exciting looking window-boxes.

No giraffes, lions or wilderbeasts not even a rabbit or teddy bear and certainly no hunting lodge - how disappointing. And where is the boating lake? This is another case where, a design looks great on paper, (more likely computer), but when it’s built people say “are you joking this cost £3million?”. The trees they planted must be an extremely rare species - perhaps they were hand reared by vestal virgins in the heart of the Amazon forest.

The words “World class design” have been used in reference to the 2012 London Olympic facilities. The mind shudders at the thought of what we will get for +£9.0 billion. Perhaps the athletic track will be white washed lines painted in the local park.

Don’t even think of using Potters Field as an Olympic venue, unless marbles or tiddlywinks become Olympic sports. I can see now a line of little children marching with plastic buckets full of sand to construct a long jump pit. Though they will require men with barrows to collect enough sand for the beach volley ball venue. Where will they get the sand? Well at low tide on the south bank of the River Thames between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges a strip of sand is exposed, (there is a seven metre difference in height between high and low water in central London each tide). Sorry Mr Sand Artist I guess you’ll be losing your sand in 2012.

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