Saturday, 7 April 2007

YesBut all at Sea

Sections of the British press have been highly critical of the 15 Royal Navy personnel. They have been accused of at worst cowardice and best weakness in signing statements admitting they were in Iran waters when they were arrested, and their subsequent toadying fawning attitude towards Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I think you are not entitled to criticise these men and woman, unless you have yourself been subjected to psychological stress and manipulation. I admit given a choice as they were "If we admitted we had strayed, we would be on a plane back to the UK soon. If we didn't we faced up to seven years in prison". I would say “where do I sign”.

What I do condemn them for is their subsequent behaviour and particularly the news conference. They made them selves look like snivelling cowards - a couple of nights in a cell and they would confess to anything. They should have made a statement that they were pleased to be home, thank those who had worked for their release - end of story.

Clearly the Royal Navy has come out badly from the whole affair. Brought into question is whether the HMS Cornwall is the right vessel to patrol the Gulf? Particularly as its deep draft prevents it from going into shallow waters. How were the Iranian boats able to approach the Navy boats undetected? Why was there no air cover provided by the Lynx helicopter? What is not in question is the ill preparedness of the crew - you would think they were going out for a pleasant row on a boating lake on a sunny afternoon. They were as well prepared as Freddie Flintoff was in his pedalo.

One final question who is Chief Petty Officer Gavin Cavendish?


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Even though I'm a Bear, I have respect for people in the services because my uncle was in the RAF an my Grandad was in the RN. Actually, he has a very wise old sailor Bear, called Salty... but anyway, I was a bit put off by the way the sailors/marines were laughing and looking like they were having a good time with the Iranian cameras and press near the end. Some of it must have been relief, but maybe they should have been more restrained in front of the cameras.

Personally, if anyone put me on one of those shiny Iranian suits I wouldn't be laughing I'd be looking for some serious shades.

I'm also annoyed at some newspapers going on and on and on about the woman member of the team. She had the same training as the boys. AND she got to wear a headscarf so she got to keep her ears warm.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

IN a shiny Iranian suit. IN. Not ON. If I were put ON one I'd probably slide off.....