Monday, 2 July 2007

Winner of the YesBut's Image - Caption of the Week Award

This hasn’t been a great week for YesBut. The YesBut entourage came to Wales two weeks ago for its annual transfusion of Welsh sunshine. Who mentioned Global warming? – its rained non-stop for 16 days! While in Wales YesBut has to rely on the local library for Internet access. To add to the pain, misery and frustration last Saturday, the rubber band operating the library computer system broke. Morning and afternoon YesBut has been making pilgrimages through the rain to the library, all in vain.

As I said last Friday, there were a number of brilliant captions posted last week.

On Saturday Doug thought St Paul’s Cathedral looked like a space ship ready to take off. His suggested caption being : - “Unbenknowest to the citizens, the cathedral was actually a spaceship, poised for launch”

On Sunday Bart brought a smile to Mrs YesBut’s face with his caption : "When you said we should "go incognito" I didn't really think you meant like this."

Monday YesBut’s Editorial Board was thrown into a bit of a tiz after Rodrigo posted a caption in Spanish or it might have been Portages, (all they knew was it wasn’t English and Dai Blog told them it wasn’t Welsh). I’m afraid they can’t cope with captions other than in English.

Mrs YesBut liked Bart’s caption "This is a perfect hiding place...just keep perfectly still, and everyone will think we're another pointless sign”. While Big Bev wanted to declare Chewy the winner with “I need one that says, "You can't get there from here". . We had to point out to her there were another four days to go before the competition ended. And as Dai the Box said there were also captions from Doug and David to consider. All I was praying was enough people would vote this week, and the decision wouldn’t be left to this motley lot.

Only David McMahon and Doug submitted captions on Tuesday – I wonder did everybody else find it too difficult to think up a caption?

On Wednesday I thought I had posted a photo which was virtually impossible to think up a funny caption. My apologies to all, how could I be so mistaken, six gems were produced. Both Dai Ready Money (YesBut’s treasurer) and Dai Watch the Birdie (YesBut’s ace photographer and Mrs YesButs brother), on seeing the captions exclaimed this weeks winning caption had been posted that day.

The photo on Thursday was taken at the celebrations for the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall, London. And those who posted captions entered into the festive spirit.

I hold my hand-up, Friday’s image was difficult to identify no need think up a caption.

So to the winners, and my heart-felt apologies for the belated announcement. As you gather from reading the above, there were a number of captions, which could have won, but there can only be one winner.

Two captions I consider particularly memorable. Like Friday’s the image of a railway crossing posted on Wednesday didn’t provide obvious captions. Consequently Chewy’s caption – “Today’s word jumble puzzle. wacht = watch”, was therefore notable. It was also very pertinent with the uproar that has occurred in the UK over the scandal of premier rate telephone call charges levied by television channels running money making quizzes (they charged £1 per call even if the call wasn’t even answered). Therefore Chewy wins the runner up award.

But the winner this week must be b.t. bear (esq.) caption – “Oh bugger it. Let’s buy one.”, posted on Friday 28th June. The reason for giving the award for this caption is:

  • to have thought up any caption, for such a ambiguous image was brilliant.

  • the caption provides an astute social comment on our consumer driven society – don’t know what it is, don’t know what is does, don’t know if I need one or whether it will be used, but I must have one.

    So congratulations to b.t. for being the second recipient of the award.

Click here to see the winning caption.

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