Monday, 30 July 2007

Winner of the YesBut's Image - Caption of the Week Award

And the captions keep on coming.

Those that particularly caught the eye and brought a chuckle to the throat and a smile to the face and a feeling of contentment in the heart and a rumble in the belly were:

On Saturday
- “Me Dad’s a soldier in this, er, crack regiment”.

Pope Terry’s - "If I stand here long enough, I'm sure a decent man will come for me"
Chewy’s - “All the lovely sidewalk paintings have washed away.”
and David’s very clever - "From yawning chasm to awning chasm in one easy step"

- “The concept of ice floors at the rail station was a dismal flop."
and David’s - “Passengers rail against curling rink”.

Thursday was special for some very funny captions, including -
ozlady 's - "Where is that draft coming from? I feel like I'm doing a bad Marilyn Munroe impression!"
Chewy 's - "Is THAT Big Ben?"
Doug 's - "After seeing her long lost brothers, Trish realised she was the black sheep of the family."
and David's - "Big Ben shows the time as forty minutes past tutu", and "You clowns should be in Parliament."

With more than an adequate number of great captions to select the Caption of the Week from, I thought on Friday I’d slip in a more difficult photo to think up captions for. Another underestimation of the talents of the “Captionists” (the name I have decided to call participants). What a wonderful collection of captions posted including:

ozlady 's - "I told you not to buy that timeshare!"
Pope Terry 's - "Dave... Dave over here, theres still some shrimp left at the bouffet"
david mcmahon 's - "Simon and Garfunkel classic: ``I'd rather be a hammer than a snail''
Chewy 's - "Es-car-go beep-beep."
Doug 's - "Oh great Frank! Move the family to France you said and we'll be safe!"

The list was narrowed down to two captions. So the final choice:

The Runner-up comes from Friday’s postings and it is (cue the trumpets) -

ozlady 's - "I told you not to buy that timeshare!"

And so to the Winner of the Caption of the Week Award, from Saturday (cue trumpets and drums) -

David’s - “Me Dad’s a soldier in this, er, crack regiment”.

And now I’m looking forward to reading this weeks captions.


ozlady said...

Hey thanks!
I'll have to try harder to see if I can't grab the prize!!!
Nothing is something to aim for!

YesBut said...

Hi Ozlady
It's always a joy to read your captions.