Wednesday, 4 July 2007

YesBut what's the local news?

Once again I have been surfing the net to find interesting stories in local newspapers. I leave it to you to judge the success.

From The Baytown Sun, Texas, - Lee replaces Conlee for July 3-4 event”. ”Just a week before some of the biggest country musicians take the stage at Baytown’s two-day Fourth of July celebration, organizers have been scrambling to replace one of the headliners.John Conlee — best known for his “Rose Colored Glasses” — was scheduled to close the July 3 show but had to cancel this week because of a family emergency.“His wife underwent minor surgery (Tuesday), and it turned into major surgery,” said parks director Scott Johnson, whose department is planning the event. “He’s pretty much canceled everything out of (his hometown) Nashville for a while so he can stay home to take care of her.”Local favorite Johnny Lee and his Urban Cowboy Band have been booked to replace Conlee. Born in Texas City, Lee is probably most famous for his appearance in the 1980 film “Urban Cowboy,” which included a performance of his song “Lookin’ for Love.”“We’re disappointed not to have Conlee, but we’re excited about Lee,” Johnson said. “When you’re a week away, you don’t want to change your lineup, but sometimes, that’s the way it works.””

From the Chronicle Herald , Halifax, Nova Scotia – Pregnant, male and happy”. “A MALE IS expected to give birth soon at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography — and there’s nothing freakish about it. That’s just the way things work among seahorses.
"It’s the only animal in the world where the males bear the young," Jim Frost, fish lab manager at BIO, said Wednesday as he fed six seahorses that the Dartmouth institute obtained earlier this month from the Canadian Wildlife Service.”

From the Kaieteur News, Geaorgetown, Guyana. – “Freed murder accused sprints out of court and attracts police bullets …still missing hours later”. “Chaos erupted at the Christianburg Magistrate's Court yesterday, after a police constable shot at a murder accused, who had sprinted from the court compound.
The police constable had no way of knowing that the accused, Denzil Higgins, had just been freed on the capital charge.
The constable had only minutes before brought the prisoner in handcuffs to the court, and was unaware that the case against the accused had been dismissed.
Fortunately, none of the bullets hit the fleet-footed prisoner, who up to late last night had not even made contact with his relatives.
Higgins, called ‘Kidda', was accused of murdering Brazilian businessman Brazilian, José Filho, three years ago.
But the preliminary inquiry had dragged on after one of the key witnesses, ex-superintendent Charles Alleyne, repeatedly failed to turn up to testify against the accused.
Yesterday, Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys decided to dismiss the case against Higgins.
On setting him free, Magistrate Gilhuys reportedly warned Higgins that he would be re-arrested if the witness turned up while he was still in the compound.
On hearing this, Higgins immediately bolted out of the court like a 100-metre sprinter.
He bolted past the police rank who had escorted him to court.
The constable instinctively drew his firearm and discharged it at the ‘escaping' prisoner.
The bullets missed, and Higgins increased his pace significantly.
As the gunshots rang out, curious onlookers and bystanders ran helter-skelter while others dived for cover.
One man even exited his car, and ran into the nearby Christianburg School yard, no doubt considering that location a safe sanctuary.
Pupils at that school ran out of the compound to see what the commotion was all about, only to be hustled back inside by concerned teachers.
The convict's mother, who witnessed the drama, shouted: “He free, he free, is kill they trying fuh kill he. Ya know wha it is to be free? Is excited he excited mek he running.”
A subsequent search of the surrounding vicinity proved futile, as the lucky man apparently made good his escape in nearby bushes
Higgins has reportedly not been seen since and some persons even joked that he was still running.
Kaieteur News understands that minutes after the matter was dismissed, the tardy ex-police superintendent, who was to have testified, turned up at the court.
This prompted Magistrate Gilhuys to immediately call Commander Mark Gilbert, and mandated that a thorough investigation into the matter be carried out. “

And that's the news form around the world for anther week

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