Saturday, 7 July 2007

YesBut that was the first week of July.

Gosh isn’t 2007 passing quickly. How time flies when you are having fun.

This has been a mixed week. First the very good news; the release after 114 days of Alan Johnston, the BBC correspondent kidnapped in Palestine. It was nice to have such good news in the middle of the week. Up until then it had been a disaster: having travelled to Wales for some summer sunshine, all YesBut and friends got was rain and more rain. If that wasn’t enough, while in Wales, YesBut and co. had to rely on the local library for internet access. Last Saturday the system crashed. Every morning and afternoon YesBut trooped bravely through the rain and wind to the library in the hope the system was up and running. Access was finally re-established with cyberspace late Wednesday afternoon; and so albeit belatedly the winner of last week’s YesBut’s Caption of the Week Award could finally be announced. Congratulations b.t. bear(esq.).

It was a relief to get back to London on Thursday and the comfort of a familiar computer and (keeping my fingers crossed) reliable internet connection. In the words of Simon & Garfunkel - Gee its great to be back home. Home is where I want to be . . .

I play a game when choosing the photo for YesBut’s Images, to see how far I can push the limits before it becomes impossible to think up a caption, I guess I found that level on Friday, when no one posted a caption. But given the floods that have occurred in the UK over the last two weeks, plus London depends on the protection of the Thames Barrier from being flooded; the photo and the title was very appropriate. But there were great captions posted on the other days, so why not click here and choose your nomination for the Caption of the Week Award.

Not much time to spend on the computer today. For the first time ever, the Tour de France cycle race is starting from London. So Mrs YesBut has made the sandwitches and Mrs Mop has filled the vacuum flasks with tea, and we’re all off to see the cyclists’ wiz past.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Are they racing past your house? You really need to get up in a hot air balloon to get a good view. It's also the best way to see the wildlife in Africa. As we gorillas say: "Farting in the open air is no sin".

YesBut said...

Hi Mr 0r Mrs Gorilla Bananas (as the case may be).

No they are not passing YesBut's HQ today. But they are tomorrow.

Got some reasonable good photos today to post on YesBut’s Image