Thursday, 12 July 2007

YesBut is it recognisable?

When I started this blog I had the intention of posting something each day. The subject would depend on whatever dropped into my head that day. Gradually I formulated a method of identifying the subject for the day’s blog. So the blog was very much a hotch potch of subjects: sport, the next day politics and the day after that(?).

The international store group Woolworths ran into financial difficulties in the 80s in the UK. Sales and so profits slumped. Management consultants were called in to analyse the business. The problem was easily identified: people were not visiting Woolworth’s stores. Why? They didn’t know what Woolworths sold. The group had gone through a re-think of what it sold. As a result people who since childhood had gone to Woolworth to buy "widgets" and things, found they were no longer sold.

What has Woolworth’s problems in the 80s got to do with blogging? If you are just blogging for fun - because you are satisfying a personal need - nothing. But if you are concerned about growing the traffic visiting your blog, and importantly making return visits - everything.

Readers need to know the overall “character” of the blog. If the blog is a hotch potch of rants that’s OK. But if the blog is about photography, and then for a few days it goes off on a rant about what happened to the blogger at the hairdresser, readers are likely to get confused and the blogger is likely to lose their loyalty.

In my own case, albeit unintentionally a structure has started to appear in my blog;

Saturday is still a hotch potch review of the past week. When something catches my eye I add a snippet to the draft.

Sunday; last Sunday I posted a Sudoku puzzle for you to complete, in future weeks I will be posting other puzzles. Watch this space.

Monday is devoted to announcing the winner of YesBut’s Image - Caption of the Week Award.

Tuesday looking at what local papers are reporting around the World. I find it interesting to read what is considered important by communities around the world, also you can come across very funny (intentionally or unintentially) stories.

Wednesdays are devoted to looking at memorials and public sculptures. The preparation of the blog takes hours. Visiting the monuments to take photographs and then doing research on the monument, its subject and the sculpture. No longer do I look, or more likely pass a monument without giving it a second glance. Now I look and question. And I discover interesting historical and artistic facts. In reality the writing of the blog has become secondary - the final phase of an enjoyable journey.

As for the other two days? A hotch potch of rants or as today the sharing of information.Though I have in mind a new regular feature for Thursdays, starting next week.

Does your blog have a structure the “X” factor, which makes it iconic and its “persona” clearly identifiable?

YesBut’s Images has no problem it’s the same every day, YesBut posts a photograph and you are invited to post a suitable (humorous or amusing) caption.

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