Friday, 20 July 2007

YesBut you know it makes sense.

Let me at the onset confess I am computer illiterate, more of a glunk than geek. Consequently when I come across something that makes life easier and is readily understandable I am delighted.

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7.0 when they launched its Vista operating system. Windows XP users can now download an upgrade to install Internet Explorer 7. But yet again MSN are only trying to catch up with Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser. Where Firefox leads Explorer limps behind.

Firefox loads web pages much faster. I have to take the word of the experts, who say it is more secure than Explorer - something to do with the computer language used and protocols, and all that gumff. There are hundreds, nay thousands of geeks at this very moment working in support of Firefox developing add-ons to tweak Firefox to meet your personal requirements.

I know from personal experience Internet Explorer has limitations, Firefox does not have. For one thing, viewing this blog using Firefox you can see all singing all dancing slideshows click here for an example. Now it doesn’t matter how much I write about it, you will never know what you are missing until you experience it for yourself.

Look I tell you what I’ll do, I’ll give you a money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied with Firefox- did I tell you it’s free to download!

Before I forget, today is the last day to post a caption for the photos posted on YesBut’s Images on14th to 20th July.

So put on your thinking caps and think up captions.

But your participation doesn’t end there. It’s up to you to select the Caption of the Week. Your vote of the best and runner-up caption should be posted on YesBut’s Images blog by midnight Sunday 22nd July.

To remind you of the rules:

  • Visit the blog and review the captions for the postings 14th to 20th July inclusive.
  • Select your wining caption and runner up
  • Post your choices on the blog (some times contributors submit more than one caption each day; so please clearly identify which caption you are nominating).
  • Voting will close at midnight GMT Sunday 22nd July.

First nominations will be given 2 point, 2nd nominations 1 point. The caption having the highest total of points will be awarded the “Caption of the Week Award“.

Results will be posted on this blog and YesBut’s Images.

Join in the fun cast your vote even better post a caption - click here.

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