Monday, 23 July 2007

Winner of the YesBut's Image - Caption of the Week Award

When I look through my portfolio of photographs to select images to be posted on YesBut’s Images; some photographs jump out almost screaming “post me look at how many potential subjects for captions you can see”.

Other images seem to crawl away into a corner, “I’m useless there’s no hope of anyone thinking up a caption”. I thought the photo posted on the 14th July was an example of the latter. It was taken in the British Museum’s Grand Court - a nice photo with lots geometric shapes, almost bordering on the abstract. But what possible caption could be posted? I still chose to post it because it would be a challenge to think up a caption.

What a very pleasant surprise on Sunday morning when I read the caption posted by Doug - such imagination. My first thought after stopping laughing was the Caption of the Week Award has already been won, even before anybody else has posted a caption.

That thought remained until Friday, when there was a (what is the collective noun for a group of brilliant captions?) galaxy of captions submitted:

Sanjay M 's - "What's with you men just asking for directions?! Alright... I'm going to look up Google maps!"

Ak-Man 's - "We'll need to find a river and a bridge to get back to our hotel."
Doug 's -"Now Henry...No map in the world will ever help you to find common sense." David 's - "I think we went a bridge too far''. In total five captions to choose from, all deserving to win. But which one?

I hate to have to make such difficult decisions, but the final result is:

There are four captions all in the runner-up position, but the winner - selected because the photo was so difficult to think up captions for is click here to see.

One last point:

David. McMahon pointed out to me that the links I posted on YesBut’ Images captions were back to the contributors profiles and not to their website. Well I have had YesBut’s Team of Technical Wiz Kids working on the problem of links to websites and profiles. Bleary eyed they have come up with the solution.

When you post a comment you are given three options of choice of identity:

“Blogger display name”
(if you choose this your link is back to your profile).

“Other” (if you choose you can enter a link back to your web page)

“Anonymous (no link)

So you now know when you post a caption, if you what to get a link back to your site rather than your profile chose the “Other” option

Damn clever these wiz kids.

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