Tuesday, 1 May 2007

YseBut what’s the real news

Yesterday I wrote about the immanent departure of Tony Blair - firstly as leader of the Labour Party, and subsequently as soon as a new party leader is elected as Prime Minister.

Blair’s resignation announcement will become the main news story on the television and newspapers. But that will not truly be the main news story! After all it will not even be news - we have known it has been coming for over a year. What will be the true news? Well, answering that question is going to be the challenge.

It is anticipated that the Government will use the coverage of Blair’s resignation to sneak out bad news and announcements. The press are well aware of this, and the Government are well aware that the press are well aware. So it’s going to be a challenge for the Government to hide/camouflage the most embarrassing announcement, and for the press to identify it.

I anticipate the Government will try to hide the wood in the trees. On the day every Government Department will flood the news services with a combination of trivial announcements and hidden in the middle bad news.

Blair could make his announcement next Saturday, in order to dilute the undoubted disastrous news for the Government of the trouncing it will get at Thursday’s Local Elections and more importantly the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections.

It’s going to be interesting times for British politics watchers. YesBut I’ll be too busy celebrating Blair’s departure to care.

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hehehehe Mummy too.
She can't even listen to him any more. She has to turn the TV over. His voice gives her the irrits. He can't say more than 5 words without a pause nowadays. Methinks he got that off his buddy, The Shrub.

YesBut said...

Your Mum really gets a hard time. And things aren't going to get better.