Tuesday, 29 May 2007

YesBut look

Antony Gormley’s “Event Horizon” exhibition consists of 31 life size casts of the himself located on top of buildings around central London. The objective of the exhibition is to encourage people to stop seeing and start looking at their surroundings. It certainly has worked. Walk over Waterloo or Hungerford bridges and you see people “figure spotting”. But are they just looking for the figures and ignoring the environment they are located in?

People look at the Gormley’s figures, but other figures, some of which have been in location for over a century are ignored - I refer to memorials and public statues erected in most towns. So I have decided to declare each Wednesday for the next couple of months “Memorial day”, and feature one memorial each Wednesday. Not the grand well known memorials such as the Statue of Liberty, Nelson’s Column, Mount Rushmore or even the Gateway to the West in St Louis.

If you have a memorial or statute you think should be featured then please let me know. The first monument to be featured tomorrow is to Henry Fawcett. Henry who? (Don’t look up Henry on Google, control your excitement, all will be revealed tomorrow).

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