Thursday, 3 May 2007

YesBut’s carbon footprint.

“Those who tell us what we must do” say to stop global warming we must reduce our individual carbon footprint. This can be achieved through reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, by among other things installing loft and cavity wall insulation, double glazing windows, using low energy light bulbs and lowering the thermostat setting on central heating systems.

No one who has been in the UK the last month would deny the existence of global warming; some days the temperature has reached 23 ~ 26°C, over 10°C higher than the average for April.

April is normally the time when the number of central heating radiators in use are reduced but this year the heating system has been turned off completely since March. Some days widows have had to been opened to let in a cooling breeze. If the climatic trends continue, air conditioning will have to be installed. So the question arises, why install thermal insulation?

We arrogantly assume we are in control, we think we can manipulate and exploit nature. One day we will appreciate science does not provide all the answers, it has limitations and its exploitation can and does have detrimental consequences.

Despite humankind’s involuntary efforts at self-destruction, the time is approaching when the dominance of science will diminish. Then we will understand the benefits of having a balanced approach involving the arts, philosophy, spirituality and science.

I wish at the time of reading I had taken note of who wrote:

“The world does not need you or anyone else to manipulate and organize it.

It runs quite well by itself”.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

But I've only got ickle feet?????

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

ooops- "widows have had to be opened"


YesBut said...

But what about your mum's?

YesBut said...

But what about your mum's?