Friday, 18 May 2007

YesBut its a bad hair day

Preparing Wednesday's blog I was sidetracked by hair or rather the lack of it.

I think I’m fortunate that I am happy with my hair - the lack of it or how it is styled seems to cause a lot of anxiety.

Elton John, and before him Frank Sinatra, has spent thousands of dollars on toupees and hair transplants. I suppose being an entertainer he feels he must maintain an youthful image. I thought the purchase of a wig was a one-off expenditure - wrong. It appears a wig needs to be cleaned and the scalp underneath treated at least three times a month; this can cost £100 per month. That’s only for men.

I wonder how much a woman will spend in her lifetime on hairdos - quick guess £30/month, £360/year for say fifty years £18,000. And that’s only for the hair on their heads, on top of that there is the question of body hair. It was inevitable that I’d get back to the question of “to shave or not to shave?”.

Now I’m not an expert on this subject, but there was a program on TV a couple of weeks ago, where some comedienne advocated women should not shave, but go all natural. French women do not shave their armpits - which is thought repulsive by British women. Nothing new there, most of the things the French do, or don’t do, are considered repulsive by the Brits.

With care shaving can be painless, but waxing!! Women actually choose to subject themselves to this torture. If it was done to animals, the animal rights activists would be up in arms. The thought of my pubic hairs being ripped out . . . (I had to stop typing because I couldn’t see the screen for the tears in my eyes).

You have a higher chance of survival if you don’t depilate. Fact, hair grows on areas of the body where blood veins are close to the surface, this results in greater heat loss from these areas. So if you happen to fall into a cold river, you core body temperature will drop rapidly due to heat loss from the head, armpits and crotch. So if you have a natural fur coat you are bound to remain warm.

Now you know why Elton John wears a wig, and Paris Hilton never goes swimming in the cold sea.

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