Monday, 14 May 2007

YesBut I blog on in hope

I was nearly on the point of deciding to put this blog on ice, switch off my radio and TV and go on silent retreat in a Trappist monastery for seven weeks. Anything to get away from seeing Gordon Brown trying to convince the British populace he is going to be a touchy feely empathetic Prime Minister. Of course he’ll never achieve it, he looks too sinister.

Tragically as a child he lost an eye in a rugby football accident. Also he has the habit of pushing out his jaw as if he is trying to dislodge a piece of gristle stuck between his teeth after eating a small baby. Using the good Scottish word he is “dour”. He literally is and looks to be the child of the manse - someone who is suffering, having sat through too many hell and damnation sermons. He is a suit and tie man, not for him casual wear.

In the mean time the lying slimy toerag Blair is going to spend the next seven weeks flying around the world. He will be trying to improve the image of the “Blair Legacy”. He wants to be seen as a bringer of peace and understanding. The only thing his trips will achieve is to increase global warming. Even if in the next seven weeks he manages to walk on water and change water into wine; he and Bush will always be remembered for being responsible for one the biggest foreigner policy blunders of all time, and being the architect of suffering, death and destruction in Iraq.

Click here to see even the London sky feels depressed about the thought of the next seven weeks.

YesBut blog on blog on with hope in your heart and you’ll never blog alone.


Catmoves said...

Oh, wow, I really loved this one. It's difficult to find good vituperation on the web. Haven't been able to find a definition for "dower" except as a wiows dole.
Congratulations on a delightful article.

YesBut said...

“Dower” - possibly a misspelling. The word I was think about has the meaning - sullen, un-fun-loving. i.e. someone who looks like Gordon Brown.

Catmoves said...

I think you dour. "Bleak, glum." Just a misspelling. Something I neverdoo.

YesBut said...

Thanks catmoves I'll make the correction.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I think he looks like a monkey. But that's an insult to my friend, Monkey.

I think THEY should all go off to a Trappist monastery. No, a Buddist one. Shaven. EVERYWHERE. hehehee. Like in the Paris Hilton post.

Now you have a REALLY horrible image in your head, don't you?

And you thought Paris Hilton's was bad.


Gordon Brown has got no pants,
doo dah, doo dah,
bum as crinkly as an elephant's,
dippy dippy doo dah day...

YesBut said...

You are obviously feeling very naughty today.
I hope you don’t get into trouble with your Mom