Friday, 25 May 2007

Methods to increase traffic to your blog

As promised yesterday I present to you YesBut’s public relations department’s think-tank team's inspired analyses and “methods to increase traffic to your blog”.

There are three interrelated key factors that must be considered.

Look at the photograph on the left and you will see a map of the recent hits on this web site. It highlights the first of the key factors. If you blog in English then your readers are going to come mainly from the UK and USA. O.K. there are three computers in Australia - one owned by David McMahon, the other by ozlady and the third by someone with an interest in surfing. Forget about New Zealand, it hasn’t got electricity no need any computers. Seriously you are going to get the majority of hits from the UK and USA - remember this when considering the relevance of the blog content.

The next factor is persona. Persona? Some bloggers post under the guise of being a cat or dog. Fact the world is divided into:

  • People who love dogs but hate cats.
  • People who love cats but hate dogs.
  • People who hate both cats and dogs.

So if you blog as a cat you are going to alienate two-thirds of the potential readers. Therefore the character you assume is important. If you post as a young mother and housewife interested in sport, you are going to attract readers with the same interests.

What character should you assume? Be yourself - even if it results in narrowing your potential readership, it is better to communicate with like minded people, who you feel comfortable with.

The third key factor is the relevance of the subject. In my own case I didn’t take into account the first key factor. A large number of my blog entries refer to British politics - consequently they are of no interest to readers in the US, and lets face it, UK politics is of little interest to the Brits! That accounts for the low number of hits!!!!

Do as I say not as I do!

You might be interested in only blogging on one specialist subject - that’s O.K. But remember the broader the coverage of the subject, more likely you are to attract an additional readership. If you blog about the design of chairs, you are likely to appeal to more readers if you write about British and American chairs.

The final and most critical thing you must do to build a large readership base, is so important it deserves a dedicated blog entry and that will be posted right here tomorrow.

So bookmark this page and return tomorrow.
In the mean time remember the three key factors:

  • Know your likely and your target readership
  • Know what image of yourself you want to project
  • Know your subject and tailor it to suite your targeted readership.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Yesbut.

I do read your blog most days.

Haven't seen you on Exiles recently.


YesBut said...

Hi Meadow
Glad you pay a visit to the blog.
No, I haven’t posted on Exiles for a while; though I do look at the board everyday.
With the weather being so nice Mrs YesBut has had me out walking most afternoons, so not so much time left for getting on the computer.
Glad to hear from you again.
Have a nice Bank Holliday Weekend, though the weather isn’t too promising.