Saturday, 4 August 2007

YesBut that was the first week of August.

August the 8th month, 2007 seems to be flying by.

Unfortunately, the summer will soon be over without starting. June and July being complete washouts - record rainfalls in both months. While parts of the UK were submerged under floods, people were dying in Southern Europe from heat stroke. What a topsy turvy world we live in. I gather the high rain falls was due to the Jet Stream flowing further north than normal, scooping up moisture over the Atlantic and dumping it on England.

Stuart Kennedy, aged 24, a genetics student at Aberdeen University was arrested while performing his part time job as a stripper. He was arrested for wearing a police uniform and equipment in a public place. If the police had been more patient, he would have divested himself of all clothing!

Mr Kennedy is getting well acquainted with the Police; in May while performing his striptease act dressed as a police officer, he was arrested and charge with having an offensive weapon - you would expect a police officer to have a truncheon, but there again he shouldn’t swing it in public.

Tony Blair always thought he was the son of God. He could be right, look at the facts.

As soon as he left:

  • Attempted suicide bombers in London and Glasgow
  • Flooding throughout the Country
  • Now petulance in the form of Foot & Mouth disease.

Come back Tony and save us. (I think not)

This week I’ll leave you with two puzzles, both are connected:

What is the subject of the photo on the left?
  1. How do you demolish a building without pulling it down or blowing it up?
I’ve got some interesting photos to show you, so bookmark this page and visit on Tuesday.

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