Monday, 20 August 2007

Winner of the YesBut's Image - Caption of the Week Award

Yet another week of witty and humorous captions.

But which one should be awarded the accolade of caption of the week?

A tough call. However, as always when the going gets tough the tough get going - Mrs YesBut and Mrs Mop were last seen disappearing down the road on a tandem, arguing who should be sitting on the front seat. Leaving Big Bev (YesBut‘s Fashion Correspondent), Dai “Watch the Birdie” (YesBut’s ace photographer) and myself to decide on the winner.

Sorry this week’s review of the captions is short and sweet – I assure you this does not reflect the quality of the captions, rather the difficulties I’m incurring using an unfamiliar Apple Mac, with all the tool bars in Dutch!!!

So in brief, this week there are three joint winners. Cue trumpets and drums.

They are (in order of time posted), cue more trumpets -

Click here to see the winner of YesBut's Image Caption of the Week Award for the week 11th to 17th August.

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