Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Memorial day - 9

Each Wednesday this blog is dedicated to looking at memorials and public sculptures - objects we might pass in our daily lives, without considering either their artistic merit or the story lying behind the commissioning of the work.

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"Full Stop Slipstream" is a bronze sculpture by Fiona Banner. It is one in a series of site-specific giant full stops produced for the More London site near Tower Bridge, London. Each sculpture represents a full stop from different fonts: Courier, Chancery, Century, etc.

The sculptures are very much part of the More London complex. As can be seen from the photograph it interacts both with the architecture and the general public passing through the site. The leaning sculpture counter balancing the abstract shaped City Hall.

Fiona Banner was born in Merseyside in 1966 and studied at Goldsmiths College. In 2003 she was short listed for the Turner Prize; one of the most prestigious awards for visual arts in Europe.

All too often, public works of art are ignored by passers by, this can not be said of Banner’s Full Stop. Standing in the middle of the riverside walkway, the leaning sculpture screams out to passers-by “touch me, push me upright”. Since its installation in 2003 thousands of photographs have been taken each year of tourists leaning against, or pushing the sculpture. I doubt that they consider the artistic merits of the work. But is that really important? Surely it serves its purpose by bring joy into peoples lives.

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