Friday, 3 August 2007

YesBut tails you win, heads I lose - Part 2

Continued from yesterday

Two weeks ago I related a story that arose after reading a caption posted by Bart on YesBut’s Images blog. This week the source of inspiration was the caption posted on the 4th June 2007 by Catmoves: -

“I’m going bowling after I finish this food. The ball’s in the bag”.

“It’s where she asked”?

If looks could kill, Eugene would be laid out in his coffin. Esmeralda wasn’t at all pleased with his purchase, but he managed to persuade her the dye was far better quality than the one she normally used. As for the colour, everybody knows every manufacturer has their own names for colours. This one would suit her perfectly.

He sat to enjoy his favourite program on TV, when the peace was shattered by a horrific scream emanating from the bathroom. When Esmeralda immerged, it was difficult to tell which was the brightest red, her hair or her face. It was like a pulsating flaming globe. Now he truly was dead-man walking. He quickly kissed goodbye to any hope of buying anything for himself, he gave a broad smile “darling, it’s wonderful you look twenty years younger”.

She was cut short in her tracks, “really”?

“Yes we have to go out to celebrate”.

She was delighted, “yes let’s go out for a meal”.

Um, that was a risk, what if someone recognised him with this woman with that horrible hair.

“No dear it would be more romantic if you make some sandwiches and we have a picnic”.

To avoid recognition, as they left the house, he handed her some sunglasses.

“Here dear put these on, now you really look like a Film Star“.

He put on a pair himself, as looking at her hair was giving him a migraine. He had wanted to take her to the cinema, at least in the dark no one would see them, but she was adamant she wanted to do something different, something new. He thought the most unlikely place to meet anyone they knew would be in a tenpin bowling alley. As they ate she asked what they were going to do next. He told her of his plan to go tenpin bowling, and that he had brought a ball especially for her.

“The ball’s in the bag”.

“It’s where she asked”?

Looking at the bag she realised it wasn’t the bag they had left their house with. They had been in a rush as they left the train that brought them to London. Eugene had mistakenly taken the wrong bag from the luggage rack.

Esmeralda and Eugene were to have a shock when they opened the bag; inside was the head of Alfredo Garcia - but that’s another story.

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